This page contains various pictures of

members of the Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe,

some at functions, some just for fun, but it will put some

faces to some of the names contained within the site.

Our Eel Clan Chief Robert Armstrong spent some wonderful moments
with the Hopi, Navajo and Yavapai dancers and drummers recently
and sent a picture that says a thousand words.
Nyeahweh for sharing this with the Tribe Clan Chief....

Some of our Tribe Elders - Deer Clan Chief Emory Thomas,
Eel Clan Chief Robert Armstrong, Eel Clangrandmother
Lucille Armstrong and Head Sachem Livingston at our reservation.
Eel Clan Chief and Clangrandmother came in from Arizona for our
Harvest Festival in October 2000.

Bear Clanmother Marilyn Livingston

The kids decided to rest a bit after eating, already had a full day
of trampoline, basketball and bicycle riding in addition to the other
things children do playing and exploring their surroundings -
you know, like collecting bugs and stuff!!!

This isn't a very clear picture - too humid outside
that day I guess, some members enjoying our Ripening Corn Festival -
August of 2001.

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