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*****January 20th, 2006*****


Bear Clanmother Livingston has sent another letter of question and protest regarding the possibility of once again the Government trying to put the Superhornet Airstrip in Bertie County....  It would seem this battle was not finished....


DATE:		01-20-2006
TO:		Mr. Pierce OLF meeting , Commissioners Rm. Windsor NC
FROM:	                Marilyn Mejorado-Livingston
RE:		Revamped Environmental Impact of Bertie by OLF
Mr. Pierce,
	I am here as a Representative of the Southern Band Tuscarora Indian 
spoke at the last meeting, we are still here. I am the Tribal historian 
the Tuscarora in
Bertie County.  I am here to speak on behalf of my Tribe and the 
of Bertie County.  The numerous Tuscarora Villages criss crossed NC, 
and the 
seat of the
Tuscarora Confederacy was here in Bertie County.
	Bertie County is one of the oldest counties in NC.  In the earliest 
of Bertie
County the Tuscarora villages were found and shared by the French 
as early as
1525, the first English came in 1585, 50 years after our treaties with 
French.  Many of
the villages and towns are named of French origins.
	Then Batt’s trading post circa 1620 adjoins the Tuscarora village of 
that will be under your flight plan in Merry Hill called Avoca.  A 
of this land still
belongs to the Tuscarora and is sacred Tribal ground.  Our Tribe is in 
process of
rebuilding our Longhouse, our arena, our trading post, and a nature 
leading to a
rendition of Batt’s Trading Post.  We do not want you in our air space 
our sovereign
Tribal land is directly under your flight plan here.  How can we have a 
Traditional village
and our religious gatherings with all that noise and pollution overhead 
every day?  This
would cost us our livelihoods.
	Windsor is the center of the Tuscarora village of Dasamonaquepuc. 
originally part of Albemarle Precinct, established in 1660. Chowan 
including the
Bertie Precinct, was cut from Albemarle County in 1670,  This predates 
States by one hundred and six years. Therefore does not fall under the 
United States
Imminent Domain i.e. Manifest destiny rules.
	When the United States became the United States in 1776 the treaties 
never renegotiated with another Nation therefore the land you are 
that predates reservations, still houses thousands of remains of the 
Tuscarora, and
is still in dispute and under arbitration.
	Bertie County is the most environmentally friendly county in the State 
NC, the
government and the citizens thrive on ecotourism, and should be placed 
the top of  the
most historic sites in the Nation.  Wildlife is abundant, waters run 
crops thrive,
children play in peace, the air is clean and fresh, and neighbors watch 
for each other.
This is as close as the way the old villages used to be as you can 
	We already have to deal with harrier jets screeching over our schools 
during the
day, our churches, playgrounds, and homes sometimes nearly deafening 
us, yet 
we are no
where near an airstrip.  As I have personally spoke to you on the phone 
complaints about this issue. We get the noise from Oceana and out of 
Elizabeth City
because the citizens who choose to live near a military installation 
complained so loudly
that we get your noise, we get placed under your flight plan without 
consent or care
about our peace being shattered.
	When I had my oldest daughter at MCAS Cherry Point I expected and got 
noise of the sound barrier being broken day and night, my windows 
cracking, waking my baby up.  When I lived aboard Camp Lejuene and had 
child, I expected the noise of low flying heuy’s and harriers,  the 
noise of the
breaking of the sound barrier.  I moved home, as far away from those 
installations as
possible to find peace and quiet.
	These superhornets fly at MOC 1.8 that is 1370 mph,  faster than the 
sound which is 761 mph, and you expect us to believe that the 
pilots will
stay above their 600 ft caps, when the harriers don’t even stay above 
250 ft caps?
When you said on the phone to me when I called you complaining that the 
reason the
harrier’s from Oceana were below their cap rattling our windows was 
it was a
cloudy day!  These superhornets are not just airplanes that will be 
over us in our
sleep, at school, at church, all the time! These make harriers look 
prop planes in
comparison. How fast will they be coming in for the so called touch and 
goes?  What will
this breaking the sound barrier everyday morning noon and night do to 
colonial houses in the historic district, not to mention newer houses 
damages from this kind of a barrage?
	And the superhornet has 33%, that is 3600 lb’s of extra fuel, more 
than any
other hornet ever made. If just one crashes into the waterway here how 
will it pollute
our waters?  How many animals on the endangered species protected list 
it kill? How
many fish kills will happen?  How much crop damage will we incur? How 
will it
take for our beautiful pristine county to recover?  And at what cost to 
citizens who
live here in peace?
	Statistics have shown the effects of inhaling jet fuel affect 
behavior, lungs and vision. During Desert storm in 1991 soldiers on the 
ground suffered
lung damage and systemic toxicity as a result of exposure to jet fuel 
without a spill.
If any of the fuel were to be spilled over our farm lands or in the 
waterways surrounding
Bertie County it can cause death in large numbers, cancers, lung 
blindness and
other health related issues too numerous to count.  How will this noise 
just the fumes
affect our nursing homes and hospital patients, elderly, people with 
immune systems or breathing problems?  Who are just under the glight 
	And with 11 weapon stations that include two additional wing storage 
with 4 1000 lb. bombs not to mention the 25 someodd more bombs that the 
can carry.  Are they going to do practice touch and goes loaded?  If so 
if just one goes
down around our town, how many people will be killed in the initial 
How many
from cancers and other health related issues that will follow?
	You cannot guarantee that there won’t be a mid air crash just like on 
2005 over the Mohave Desert in California when two superhornets 
midair over
the desert.  And on October 18, 2002 two superhornets had a mid air 
collision in
Lemoore California 80 miles off the coast.  This could very well happen 
anyone who flies knows that landing and taking off are the two most 
dangerous times for
any plane.
	If you try to come here to our land we will personally take this to 
Court or the United Nations World Court, we will fight you every step 
of the 
way, you
have no imminent dominion here.
	According to the Ghent treaty of 1815 you must abide by our treaties 
Nations that were made before you came to be.  Our lands were 
back to us-the
rightful owners-from the English.  And only Congress can regulate trade 
among our
Nations and we do not want you anywhere near us or polluting our 
solitude or 
airspace.  We refuse to make an agreement with your governemnt in this 
	This OLF would not only dig up our ancestral remains but would also 
we love about our homeland, the peace and solitude of our lands and our 
airways.  Your
being here would nearly depopulate Bertie County within a year.
	Hertford, Bertie and Martin County citizens you need to wake up and 
that they will be coming here doing more so called "studies" and it 
most definitely
affect you as well, because they (the Navy) can just decide they want 
study your land
next and condemn it without your sayso or permission like they have 
done in 
county.  Because the United States government thinks it still has 
domain over
the entire country that we the people pay for.  This is how they took 
lands, this same
land from the Tuscarora, it is history repeating itself.  This falls 
dictatorship when
the people have no say in Governmental affairs.  We need to band 
and tell the
president we will not be discounted and this type of dictatorship is 
acceptable and we
will not be treated this way!


NYEAHWEH to all who joined with us in the protest against the SuperHornet Airstrip site in Bertie County - with the help of the Bertie officials in this protest we are happy to announce that the airstrip will now be established at Cherry Point Air Station, Havelock, NC - in Craven County. I'm not sure that this would have been accomplished without all the help from all of you, and we are very grateful. The fighter jets still fly overhead, it is their flight pattern, but at least they won't be landing in Bertie....

This page will be entered into the Archives in the form of a link from the Longhouse Archives in the next 30 days - to be preserved for any who would like to go back to it.. Nyeahweh again!

You can view the Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe's Official Council Position HERE

Names and Addresses of Officials you can contact, provided by Lars Simonsen along with his own suggestions of what else you can incorporate into your own letter of protest.

You can also keep up with the latest developements along with letters posted to the Bertie Ledger at the Official Bertie County Website

J'wan to all,

We have a problem here in Bertie County that concerns ALL Tuscarora in NC. We must stand up and refuse to let our traditional villages of Tandequemuc and Dasamonaquepuc, and the wetlands and our ancestral burial grounds be desecrated by the US Government again!

The problem is this, look at the map attached. As you can see the US Navy wants to put a superhornet site right beside our village of Tandequemuc, which is located in Merry Hill on Avoca Farms Rd. in Bertie County.

We don't know who was the wise guy who invited this site to be thrown on our Ancestral lands. But we must come together, and protest this! All of our Tuscaroran Ancestors (that are not boxed at ECU that were dug up from Bertie Co.) are still buried near the old ancient villages.


Letters must be sent by Feb. 9, 2002 to:

Commander, Atlantic Division

Naval Facilities Engineering Command

1510 Gilbert St., Norfolk VA, 23511

Attn: Code 2032 (Mr. Fred Pierson)

Telephone 757-322-4935, fax 757-322-4894

Check it out!

As most of you know we live quiet a ways from Oceana naval base in VA. ( an hour and a half away) And we have to call Mr. Pierson frequently because their tomcats go under their cap, and rattle our windows. If we get blasted by their noise living over 85 miles away, what will it be like to try to have a beautiful village, with a Longhouse, nature trail, and programs, just to be blasted by even bigger jets right on our back door????

So write dear Mr. Pierson a letter, or call, or fax him. Virginia residents complained loud and long enough to shift them directly over our towns!

Now lets shift them back to Virginia. With a resounding NO Thank YOU! Go Away!

Send a copy here to the tribal office for the archives.. Southern Band Tuscarora Tribe Po Box 14, Winton NC 27986. 252-358-1182

If you know of other Tuscarora Bands that have not received this, please forward it to them as well. Get ready to protest....


Southern Band Tuscarora Tribal Grand Council


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