The following list comprises the most current accounting of inactive members of the Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe..

It is unfortunate that with so much that to be done there are so many who have not kept in touch with their family here at home..  You may contact the office for information on reactivating your status with the Tribe....however if you do not, in accordance with the by-laws, your name will be added to the Non Member listing and you will be required to return your membership card.


Bear Clan

Rowland Howell, Evelyn Smith, Barbara Fiskin, Donna Readinger, Benjamin Turner and children, Joseph Canipe.

Deer Clan

Elliot Phelps, Sunday Phelps-Ezit, Joe D. Williams

Sand Turtle Clan

Snipe Clan

Brent Mitchel, Caitlin Mitchel, Colin Mitchel, Cameron Mitchel, Jodie Baker Verzwyvelt and children, Donald Hayes

Eel Clan

Wolf Clan


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