Marilyn Mejorado

832 US HWY 13N

Windsor, NC  27983




Date: ______________



Genealogy Research Agreement



I____________________________________agree to pay Marilyn Mejorado $10.00 per hour plus .10 cents per page copied of my surname and/or genealogical data researched.


Minimum starting research fee will be five hours. $50.00 is to be paid to begin the research. The rest will be due upon receiving package, unless otherwise notified and agreed upon between myself and Ms. Mejorado. Involved research may necessitate increments of both funds and material copied.


I understand that Ms. Mejorado will furnish me the hours she has worked doing my research.  I will receive my research via the US postal service, and will submit final payment upon receiving my package.


Send this letter, plus $50.00, with surname request and some general background information on individual family being researched. Time, State of residence, ethnic identity (if known).

This way you will not receive the same information and the more you provide the less research cost you will incur.