The Death Songs For Those Who

Have Started Their Journey Along

The Star Path

Death Songs are "given" for those who have or are about to start their journey along the StarPath - They honor the life, words set down usually in grief, but also in joy for this is how it is. There isn't usually any fear of "death", for it is not an ending, but another beginning for the spirit........The Circle of Life continues.

Death Song for Joseph General Cotton

Death Song for Annie Ruth Moon Woman Baker Phelps

Death Song for Paul Falling Tree Canipe

Death Song for Perry Tall Tree Brantley

Death Song forNewell Thurman Barneycastle

Death Song for Viola Lee Melton Barneycastle

Death Song for Albina Hall

Death Song for Eveylyn Lorraine Hagarman Miller

Death Song for Eel Clan Chief Robert R. Armstrong

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