The individuals listed below are NOT enrolled members of the Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe, and do NOT have the authority to use the Tribal cards in any manner. If they present these illegal Tribal cards anywhere, they are to be confiscated immediately and sent back to the Tribal Headquarters: Southern Band Tuscarora Tribe
832 US 13N
Windsor, NC 27983.
If you cannot take cards, then turn them away and please contact our office at 252-794-1858 These individuals do not speak for the Tribe

Rebecca Brown Garcia Adams

Gene Balzer

Moses Garcia

Frank "Red Hawk" Conners

Daniel Conners

Linwood "Linn" Conners

Spouse-Nancy Conners

Judith "Judy" Baker Reynolds

Jeff Brandt

Sheila Payne & those below who chose not to stay with the Southern Band Tuscarora when she left:

Anna Brady
Delora Buchanan
Eugenia Garner
Bridget Garner
Krista Garner
Denise Garner
Phillip Payne
Kendra Payne
Ronald Harris
Ronnie Harris
Romero Harris

Review of Membership by Council May 2008 - THE NAMES BELOW ARE ADDED AS NON-MEMBERS:

Deer Clan - Anthony Phelps, Michael Phelps, Philip Hoggard, Wesley Hughes
Sand Turtle Clan - Daphne Dunn
Eel Clan -
Snipe Clan - Virginia Brayboy Grey, Waters Mitchel, Michael Fool's Bear Dunn
Mud Turtle Clan - Stephanie Dean, Edward Livingston

Others will be added as necessary upon further review. Nyeahweh

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