All their life my Grandfather Newell and Grandmother Viola made sure everyone in their village were taken care of. Granddaddy would dress out two hogs every fall and send packages of meat to everyone in their mill village who needed it, and my Grandma Viola was a midwife and even though she worked a 12 hour shift to help support her own children she was always there for anyone who needed her, any time.  They never let anyone walk by their door hungry or in need.  We have too many of our elders and infirm going without food to last them until the end of the month and heat to keep them warm. This fund is created in loving memory of Newell and Viola, their compassion honored. Every other month we will send out care packages to help where we can...

To start out, Laura and I went to the bulk foods store and bought $200.00 worth of food, it's not a lot but enough to send out 24 packages this time. We used the Tribal card for the first time and did not have to pay any taxes on what we purchased. 
An account will be set aside just for the Helping Hands fund and although it will never be divulged to whom it went to, for their own protection, I can give a yearly accounting of how many packages went out and keep that, so if people want to donate to this fund it needs to be ear marked for the Helping 'Hands Fund' only, otherwise it will go into the general funds and this does not exclude our members paying their taxes to run the Tribal office that is much needed.

~ Nyeahweh ~


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