On this page you will find links to the individual webpages of our Tribe members - there will be more coming soon as members get them online.... They are diverse in content as, each member, while true to their heritage, have varied interests and successes.

We hope you will enjoy them.

Johnny Rocca - The proud member of the Tuscarora Tribe of the Iroquois Nation has incorporated his Native American Heritage into his racing career that has spanned almost four decades. It was only fitting that he name his forthcoming 1949 Mercury "Ironhorse" as both an appropriate moniker and a tribute to his late grandfather, who told him of his Iroquois ancestry.

Johnny Rocca

Marilyn Mejorado-Livingston - Dreamwalker's webpage is brand new, with a treasure trove of her artistic talent on display. These works are for sale in most cases and you should contact her directly from her site.

Dreamwalker also writes and publishes poetry, so there may be a poem or two of hers in there for you to enjoy as well.


Pam Earth Woman Thomas ~~~ First Nations' Women - There are too few sites that give Our Women the Honor and Respect they deserve as well as the depth of their contribution to their Clans, Tribes, Nations and Our People. This site at the moment is mainly focused on history, but all of our todays are tomorrow's history, so if there is something you feel they need to be made aware of, please don't hesitate to contact her.

First Nations' Women

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