Our Grand Council is as follows :

Bear Clan Rep. - Clanmother Marilyn Dreamwalker Mejorado

Deer Clan Rep. - Clanmother Pamela Earth Woman Thomas

Eel Clan Rep. - Clanmother Charm Wilkerson

Mud Turtle Clan Rep. -

Sand Turtle Clan Rep. - Clan Chief Timothy Lowery

Snipe Clan Rep. - Clan Chief Eli Cherry

Wolf Clan Rep. David Striking Wolf Miller - Wolf Clan Chief

Secretary to the Grand Council, Clanmother Pamela Miller Thomas - Wolf/Deer Clan

Our other ClanMothers are:

Bear Clangrandmother Hazel James - Bear Clan

Deer Clangrandmother Treva Polley - Deer Clan

Eel Clangrandmother Lucille Armstrong - Eel Clan

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