Longhouse Announcements


We thank the Ancestors - they guide us today

Give us strength and wisdom for tomorrow

And will always be with us - listen, heed their presence

Show them the respect long ago earned

And Remember!!!

~~~UPDATE ~ SEPTEMBER 28th, 2004~~~
Please note that due to the continued efforts of Head Sachem and Bear Clanmother Livingston the need for the protest detailed below is no longer necessary. After many phone calls and interaction with the Roanoke/Cashie River Center and the Bertie County personnel, the program that was to be given by those who would fraudulently use our name to further their own cause, whatever that might be, has been cancelled. HOWEVER, Head Sachem Livingston will meet with the Roanoke River Center tomorrow, September 29, and in order to help them fulfill their obligation The Southern Band Tuscarora may be giving the program instead. So, if that happens those of you who would have come to help protest may now join your family to help others learn of our culture and heritage. The Council would like to extend a heartfelt Nyeahweh to those concerned with helping avoid this protest and the potential opportunity for us to once more offer knowledge to others of our culture and heritage. We are deeply grateful for the respect shown to us by their action.
Members, please check back within the next couple days to see if we will indeed be able to do as we used to do, and have continued to do on a smaller scale since the loss of our museum, offering some insight into who we are and some of the proud and deep traditions handed down generation to generation. Be prepared to put the same energetic effort into the teaching and guiding as to the avoided protest - after all, we are a peaceful people.

SEPTEMBER 27TH, 2004 - VERY IMPORTANT!! ~~~Note From Bear Clanmother Livingston~~~


I am sorry it has taken so long to get our lives in order, but we have been through a tremendous ammount of personal things for the last two years!

I had surgery on the 7th of this month so I have been have problems over a year. I am just now getting back on my feet.

My heart is so heavy that at our greatest time of personal struggle no one has come and taken care of the Tribe or anything, this is totally unacceptable. I try to understand that our members have a lot going on in their lives, but so do we.

We have all been so lackadaisical that now people like Alice Dixon a removed member of the Tribe and a Charles Shepard (mattamuskeet) who we have no idea who he is have gone to the Cashie River Center here in Windsor and are planning on giving a lecture under our Tribe's name October 6, 2004 from 4-5 pm.

This announcement came through our local newspaper and when I tried to do a search for the mattamuskeet Indians under msn search http://search.msn.com/pass/results.aspx?FORM=SMCRT&q=mattamuskeet%20Tribe I see where this Charles Shepard is presenting himself as Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe, a little history note here the mattamuskeet are Algonquin not Iroquoian.

Now I have called the Cashie River Center and loudly voiced our displeasure at this because Alice Dixon is in possession of stolen property aka our Tribal card. That she never returned when requested. We will be there.

Something has to be done and you all have to start helping or we will go insolvent and our Tribe will be no more, if this is what you wanted then it is happening. If it isn't then I suggest you start doing your part to help us come back up to where we were or we may as well give our things to people like Alice and this Shepard person. We have carried everything for so long it literally collapsed both of us. It is your turn to carry things.

One more note of interest, they are opening up an Arnold Palmer golf course right down the road from our Tribal lands in Avoca, with 400-450 lots for housing. We need to get our Tribal Museum and nature trail up and running NOW. NOT NEXT YEAR!!!! They are breaking ground in January. Our Tribal land will be at a premium next year. It is up to the members as to if we will have to sell out.

I hate that this is so harsh but we cannot carry everything alone any more. If you don't care then don't respond. We will do what we have to do.

We expect some of you to show up here and show frauds like Alice and Charles we mean business.....


Bear Clanmother Livingston

JUNE 4, 2004

Little Willow and I finally made it to North Carolina on Thursday, June 2nd. This was a while in coming and long overdue. If you take notice of the "slide show" there are new pictures of the land and I've also added two pictures that I took of our young ladies. They are quite beautiful (no objectivity here!!!) and we all went out to the Rez to check it out. As you can see it has been cleared, the farmer hasn't planted his crops yet, but it is clear, although the Old House is very much overgrown, You can't actually see the structure until you get close to it. The herb garden, or what was the herb garden, sadly is in as bad a shape as the trailer, but I left it for this time, it still belongs to the land. The trailer is going to have to go, after seeing the damage it has sustained from the elements I doubt very much that anything in it can be salvaged, except for maybe the chairs that were put up on the counter away from the elements. It was too overgrown to far out for me to try to get into it, although I contemplated it a long time before making that decision. It felt so good to walk it again, it had just been too long.,

It doesn't appear as though there is enough interest to try to get things together to have a Strawberry Festival the end of this month. And August is way to hot - heck it was in the 90's while we were there this first week of June - so until Council has had a chance to discuss it further I would venture that it will be early Fall before it will be cool enough to think about resuming our Festivals... so start preparing, :) Since there is no water or electric to the Rez as of yet, the summer heat does become a factor, when entertaining holding a Festival on the Rez.

This is really all the news I have for now - although I will get Deer and Wolf Clan emails out shortly so for those of you whom I am still missing email addresses for, please email me so that I can add you to my address book and include you in the Clan email. If you have any news you'd like to share, please send that as well.

****MAY 9, 2004****

I hope that all of our Mothers and Grandmothers have had a wonderful Mother's Day - enjoying time spent with loved ones. Of course we love and honor our Mothers and Grandmothers year round, but an extra "I Love You" is always makes us feel good :-)

First things first - Head Sachem Livingston is doing much better now than when Clanmother Marilyn sent out emails to each Clan. Keep your prayers going up that he may continue to progress with these challenges.

Clanmother Marilyn has set up a chat site for the Tribe's members to get together more frequently, at present it is available only to members of the Tribe. To join please Click Here . This should enable us to at least keep in real time touch with each other once the chat schedule has been completed, but in the meantime we can leave messages for one another, ask questions and learn a thing or two.

Please send prayers for Wolf Clan member Sue Wilson's husband, he is to have surgery soon and we all know that is a difficult time for not only the one having surgery but the entire family as well.

Clanmother Marilyn was invited to give a class at Duke University (oh yeah) and did so a few weeks back. She reports that it went well and hopes to be offered the chance again.

We have a new Wolf Clan member - Tami Cox - Running Dark Tree... Welcome to the family Tami.

Clanmother Marilyn and I would like to get as many of us together on the Rez as we can in the near future. Please email the office and let us know if you could make a meeting this summer. While at this moment I have no idea what shape the land is in with all the rain, in a sense it's irrelevant, we need to be active - traditionally we would celebrate the Strawberry Festival the last Sunday of June or the Ripening of the Green Corn the last Sunday of August. It's time to pull together and start getting some things done.

I'm sure that I've forgotten something, please email me if there was something I was supposed to share with everyone and I will get it on pronto. I apologize for not updating sooner, even though my work schedule has been 7 days a week, I should have found the time to put together at least 3 updates besides this one - my humble apologies to all....... Earthwoman

JANUARY 22, 2004
~~~A new Year - A new beginning~~~

We have come through a year with little or no progress, I'm sorry if that sounds negative, but due, in part, to circumstances beyond our control, we have been unable to accomplish anything but survive in 2003...BUT - we did survive. By the time this gets online under our Southern Band Tuscarora domain name, we will have fought just to retrieve that after some questionable practices by our previous site-host. I can say that Clanmother Marilyn and I have fought to keep the site online, and then realized our domain name had been registered by another company. I'm not going into details, but suffice it to say the matter has not been taken lightly, and Clanmother Marilyn has already started actions in order to correct this entire situation and have our domain name returned to us.~~ Without the site online I realize it has been difficult for us to all keep in touch - there are many things that need to be done, and above all else, our land payments still need to be made on time, and funds for what amounts to minumal operating expenses still need to be paid.

Since my last update of September 23, 2003 - we have given up three of our Elders to Creator and the Sky World, We lost Clan members Barbara Kizzar at Harvest time (Thanksgiving) and her husband Fletcher followed, quite unexpectedly, a week later. Please keep their families in your prayers, for even as we rejoice and celebrate their lives, the sorrow is also so devastating. My Mother, Evelyn Lorraine Hagarman-Miller started her journey January 4th of this year. While the emotional loss of her physical presence is great, the joy that her spirit is free of the body that couldn't sustain it is as great.

Head Sachem and Clanmother Livingston have been out to the Tribal land just recently, it is going to need some work come spring, and the trailer *sigh* is still standing. I am hopeful that we can accomplish something out there this year - Russell Smith is working on a grant application, keep your fingers crossed and prayers going up!!!

*******September 25, 2003********

I've had an email from Clanmother Marilyn, their power was restored yesterday, September 24, 2003, so slowly, and that is slowly, things will start to get back to normal for those hit so hard in North Carolina. There are still many on the East Coast that are without power so keep your prayers going - this has been a devastating storm to many. Nyeahweh

~~~~Update~~~~September 19, 2003

A quick update, I've talked with Clanmother Marilyn and they are fine, they are still without power and may be for several days more, they do have a generator to keep their food from spoiling and some light. Their personal longhouse made it through without a problem but there is considerable damage everywhere. Clanmother mentioned that when they went to the house in Winton, it reminded her so much of the devastation from Floyd, however this time not so much flooding since the dam upriver has not been released like it was then.
From my end here in Spotsylvania, Va - we had our share of damage, the winds were still in good force when it came through here on it's way north and for several hours there was little let up - we were supposed to have had the eye pass right over us, and it certainly seems as though it did. We lost one of our biggest oaks, and there was plenty of tree damage throughout the area, we were without power and water for almost 24 hours, but everything has been restored now.
Nyeahweh for all the prayers sent up for all those in Isabel's path - so far with millions out of power at least we can be grateful for very few lives lost......

SEPTEMBER 17, 2003

This is going to be a quick update~~As I sit here typing away Hurricane Isabel is churning fast upon the North Carolina coastline, due to hit at any time. If you noticed the pictures at the top of the page you will see I have removed everything from the slide box except the Elders and Floyd Flood pics, Floyd destroyed what we had built, up to that point, and now four years later almost to the exact date another blow will be dealt to the land of our Ancestors, perhaps not with quite the same emotional devastation, but a painful reminder of what we lost then ~~PLEASE~~ send prayers for all who will be dealing with the havoc and destruction as Isabel approaches our eastern coastline.
I spoke with Bear Clanmother Marilyn earlier this afternoon, they are as ready as they can be and may be forced to return to Winton to ride out the storm, that is an unknown at this point, I was unable to contact her this evening to see how they were faring, but the winds were picking up this afternoon. For those of you who were unaware of Bear Clanmother's trip to Connecticut, she is still recovering from that trip made around Labor Day, she and the two girls drove up and landed smack dab in the Bronx in the terrible BlackOut!!!! They did manage to find a place in Connecticut that had power and stayed there a couple days, and then headed back home, but not on I95 - way around the mountains coming down I81. This would have been fine if they and several hundred others had not been served food that had been thawed too long before cooking and both Clanmother and Brianna ended up with food poisoning. Needless to say, when Head Sachem met them in Charolottesville and got them home, they decided that NC was still the best place to be!!! Hopefully now their health will settle out, but the strain of this storm is going to throw a lot of people out of kilter. There are many of us on the east coast - including yours truly....... I have been ready, like most of us we had already gotten together supplies that we need during the winter anyway and I tied down everything that they guys didn't put away, so unless something unforeseen happens, we're ready. Well, I didn't take down the windchimes ~ I want to hear them in the wind!!! I heard from Wolf Clanmember Larry Parker and he is also ready, has a couple good books he's wanting to read *haha*
Until the hurricane and it's residuals have passed through I would say the office is temporarily closed. You can still email, but I'm not sure how much will be answered until it is all over, and any damage or power outages have been taken care of. If you have emailed Clanmother Marilyn in the last week and haven't gotten an answer yet, please be patient. There is still only Clanmother Marilyn to take care of office matters. Keep in touch with your Clanmothers and Clan Chiefs please. It will be a little bit before a newsletter is ready, there just hasn't been the time nor manpower to help get it done. Your yearly newsletter fee of 25.00 was due in August, and covers the expense of printing out and mailing two newsletters a year, there will be another one coming out before years end.
Nyeahweh for your prayers, will update again as soon as I have news myself, unless we lose power here, we're in the presently forecasted path of at least part of the eye.

******JULY 27, 2003******

I'm Back!!!!!! I returned home last Sat. July 19 - it was either come home, or stay, just kidding!! sorta!! Little Willow and I had a wonderful time visiting with her sister and brother and visiting the sites across the country and back. I had a chance to meet two of our members, one from Wolf and one from Deer clans. Although tentative plans had been made to meet with others, unfortunately my timing wasn't always good. We did do a few overnight drives, which of course put us out of range of some that we were going to meet up with - I had hopes it would work out. Our final tally was 6,875.4 miles, 16 states and 1 parking ticket, that I got in San Francisco, but believe me I will pay it gladly as I was able to park directly across the street from where I was visiting and with the big van it would have cost more to park in the garage on Market Street.
I hope all of you enjoyed time with family over July 4th, we were in Texas, and oh it was hot. I believe it was 110, yes 110 degrees in Granbury that day and despite all our efforts to stay hydrated we were all a little sick when we got home - but it was fun. Clan Chief Armstrong, while I love the Arizona scenery - whew that heat is something else, dry or not in the 110's is still hot!! ; ) But it is absolutely beautiful. Those of you who live in the northern part of the country and continent, while it was hot, the country is also varied and beautiful, and I can't even begin to tell you how Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons affected us. The damage from the devastating fires a few years back is still very visable, and you almost have to see it to understand the depth of impact on the forest. I will in all probability never make this trip again, but I am so glad that Little Willow and I did it. I have photos on ofoto if anyone is interested I will send you the link, just email me - and I'm posting the pictures of Don Kissire, Deer Clan, whom I met up with in Texas, and Zona Sue Rodgers who graciously came out at 10:30 to meet us for a late dinner, thanks to both of you, Don and I met halfway from where he lived and where my daughter lives, an hour drive for both of us.
I'm sure that I'll have more Tribe business to post after Clanmother Marilyn is back from her well earned rest, but for now this is really all I have. Many thanks again to those who were trying to work with me on meeting, perhaps in the future we'll be able to do so, this time it just didn't work out, but I truly appreciate all the hospitality and offers. Nyeahweh!!

Don Kissire and Clanmother Pam Earth Woman in Meridian Texas

Zona Sue with Little Willow and Clanmother Pam Earth Woman in Bakersfield, Ca.


THE BIRTH CERTIDICATES ARE FINALLY DONE - they have been mailed out and everyone should be receiving theirs shortly. If there happens to be any error that needs correcting, you can contact the office after July - Clanmother Livingston needs a break to rest up from this two year project. However, the Tribal Vital Statics Office is now up and running. Everyone who paid the fee required for processing costs should receive one - if you didn't receive one either you did not pay for it, Clanmother Marilyn did not have the info requested to process it, or you have been inactive too long and on the inactive list. IF, by some chance you did pay the fee and did not receive one, please let Clanmother Marilyn know and after her rest in July it will be sent to you ASAP.

This will be the last update that I know of until I return from vacation the 18th of July - I will be on a road trip from Va to Texas to California and then back. Little Willow and I plan to have a wonderful time and will try to catch up with and meet some of you along the way - I will still have access to email at least for most of the trip, so if any of you need to reach me, go ahead and email me, I'll check in and answer as I can, and will still be in contact with Clanmother Livingston all along the way, she can reach me by phone if necessary.

While we've had a rainy spring here on the east coast, they tell us warmer weather is on the way next week - wherever you are, enjoy the beauty of this season of warmth and keep in touch. ; )

~*~*~*~*UPDATE - MAY 19, 2003~*~*~*~*

This is a quick, but very important update - Bear Clanmother LIvingston has finished about 2/3 of the birth certificates. She has been working almost non-stop on getting these done, and not without many frustrations. Head Sachem Livingston has been pretty much her only helper this time, in order to get these done. Once completed, they will be right, reflecting family information and lineages correctly. This in itself has taken a tremendous effort, I was part of the original trying to re-assemble all information so that it was correct with the supporting documents. I know that a lot have been waiting patiently, and some impatiently :-) - however this is a legacy, documentation and irrefutable proof of who you are descended from, and it MUST be correct. Having been there for part of this undertaking and facing the mounds of paperwork that had to be put in family order, I understand how slowly this process can go, and at times so frustrating because it really and truly is a huge task.
Nyeahweh Bear Clanmother for your diligence and perserverance even when things were going all awry - Love ya

May 3, 2003 ~~ UPDATE ~~

I had forgotten to mention this update, and I apologize for that. The Council would like to thank Melonie Cris Canipe for taking on the responsibility of Clanmother for the Sand Turtle Clan until a replacement was named, so Nyeahweh Cris - and please welcome Daphne J. Dunn as Clanmother for the Sand Turtle Clan - Daphne was offered and accepted this responsibilty - Her Cumbo line is Sand Turtle.


If members of other Tuscarora Bands in North Carolina are seeking membership within the Southern Band Rolls, (and perhaps other Bands as well), please be advised that ALL the Tuscarora Bands have agreed that we will not allow other certified members of those Bands membership in the Southern Band Tuscarora Tribe out of respect to the Band they are already members of - And they will not accept any of our members either out of mutual respect to us. Since all the Bands are in contact with one another and have worked together in the past, it is important that we maintain this respect to and for each other.

UPDATE - APRIL 27, 2003

By now most of you should have received your newsletter, as you can see there are many things in the works, and a large focus is on getting our Ancestors remains back - this is an important and necessary step to everything else starting to fall in place so that we can move forward and become even stronger.
Deer and Wolf clans, you will be getting an update email in the next few days, but a lot was covered in the newsletter and there will only be a couple things that are mainly for your clans. For those members, if I do not have a working email address for you, you will not get the updates that I try to send out monthly.

I would like to clarify something here, and make a correction, per Clanmother Livingston's verification of Households and the taxes due. There are 125+ households that taxes are due from monthly - for those who have been keeping up with them, and for those who are catching up to the best of their abilities - Nyeahweh!! It has been noted that some may feel that there is negative energy in regards to the constant reminders of taxes, and perhaps it is now of time for those who are not participating, as agreed, to understand the reason(s) for consistent requests that these taxes, and other fees that have been agreed upon, to be made on a timely basis. It doesn't take much calculating to figure out that if all households were to pay their taxes on a regular basis the Tribe would have more than $25,000 a year in the general fund. If I remember correctly we had about 900.00 in the general fund at year end 2002. Without these funds, the foundation has not been able to be laid for a building on the Tribal Land, we could have had a septic system put in, the electricity and water tie ins that are needed, hooked up and work could have begun to rebuild!

If those of you who have not really participated much at all were to stand on your homeland - perhaps you would have a better understanding of the frustration that comes from knowing what needs to be done but unable to do anything for lack of resources and manpower. If the resources were available we could hire the manpower needed to do the things that the 4-8 people who are healthy enough can't do. The trailer, as the newsletter stated, is now wasted, and part of that was due to the lack of funds to get materials to fix it into the office space that was needed, the labor at that point was being donated! It is heartbreaking to see what could be done, how we could start building for the Tribe's future only to be thwarted by what appears to be apathy on the part of some members, this is your family, your home - not just land, but the heart of who we are - The Mighty Tuscarora - if you can't physically get home, look at the pictures posted of family members, the Elders, the land itself and bring your spirit and heart home - send in your news, don't forget who you are.
Okay - I'll get off the stump now, just wanted to make that clarification so that there wouldn't be any misunderstandings.

<~~~~~~APRIL 4, 2003~~~~~~>

Just a couple notes tonight - First, there is a lot of upheaval everywhere due to the current war in Iraq, it has affected most of us in one way or another, to me the biggest concern is that the Troops be given the support that they need of our prayers, there are many of our own people in that particular "arena" and others throughout the world. I'm going to show a link so that if you feel inclined you may leave a message of encouragement for those so far from their homes and families here on our Turtle Island. Any Service Member Also, in that same vein, Wolf Clan Member Larry Parker has a son in the 3rd Calvary - please keep him in your prayers. If any other Tribe member is or has a family member serving in this area at this time, please let us know!! Nyeahweh

I don't really have any other news to post other than I still haven't been able to get down to NC, so as soon as I can either get down there or get news to post from Bear Clanmother Livingston, things are about the same, I would add that there are now member once again keeping in close touch and things are starting to look much more "together" - let's keep keeping things positive. : )


OK I need to make an announcement on the status of the BC's and new applications.
When you send your application (after the rolls are reopened and ANNOUNCED) there is a $25.00 application processing fee. This goes to the Tribe to search your genealogy and see if your family is legit and verify if they were from a Tuscaroran Community. And to make and send your Tribal card/s.
Every member unless disabled and/or living with parents over the age of 18 has to submit a separate application, the fees apply to him/her as well. If you wish to submit applications for your children over 18 with the appropriate processing fees that is OK. If you have minor children they will get cards under your name.
In your application package you will see a yearly newsletter due of $25.00, due every year in August. That is every year. There are usually 2 newsletters, this also includes notices via email as well as email conversations. If you have not paid this due you will not get a newsletter.
As per your Clan and Clanmemberships. Every Clan has either a Clan Chief or Clanmother Rep. That represents your Clan. This is the Grand Council of the Southern Band Tuscarora.
Every Clan pays a total of $ 57.00 per month on the land payment. If you have 10 Clanmembers your landpayment will be $5.70 each and every month.
FOR ANY PROBLEMS OR IF YOU CANNOT GET ANY ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS, OR NEED FURTHER ASSISTANCE, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO ALSO CONTACT THE OFFICE AT sbtuscoffc@msn.com or you can get through here from the website as well. Please send a CC to the office on anything regarding the Tribe as a whole.
Now for a notice on the Tribal Birthcertificates.
The Birthcertificates are with the color seal and each one takes up a lot of memory. I have began working on them again and have been offered a lot of help......I NEED HELP! WHERE ARE ALL OUR MEMBERS? WHERE IS THE HELP YOU PROMISED ME? MY WEEKENDS ARE MINE..IF YOU WANT TO HELP ME YOU WILL HAVE TO DO IT DURING THE WEEK!
I need parchment paper, ink is $30.00 per cartridge I need black and color, I need ink for the color copier black and color, ink for the fax machine black, legal tablets, pens, staples, copier paper, card stock paper, cd's to write on, at least 2 steel file cabinets with locks, folders with staggered tabs.
We have been buying all the above out of our pockets, plus paying the internet connection, phone bills, lights etc.
When we had our office the Tribe had overhead, we still do, so why is everything coming out of our pockets? And those few dedicated members that send your part in every month? This is unfair of you who ride on our backs and give nothing in return to help your own Tribe, yet are the first ones to complain or feel slighted. We can barely make the landpayments every month and it is getting worse.
Some history here. First the Tribal computer that Thunderhorse donated in 97 has not been usable sine the flood of 99. Everything regarding the Tribe has been in my personal computer, that was supposed to be for my books, genealogy work, general overall MY stuff.
But it has been overloaded with the Tribe's information to the point it crashed.  NOW we have had to buy a new computer system out of our pockets $1400.00. This new system is my personal one.
If the Tribe wishes to continue to use it then you can contribute to help pay for the new one, that would be greatly appreciated.
Also I need a laptop, not a fancy expensive one, but a lightweight one,  one I can take with me and work while I am away from my office. 
One final thing. You all knew the rolls were closed. I cannot work on processing new applications while I am trying to get the BC's done. I received several applications a year ago, they have not been processed.
One of the reasons why is the application processing fee of $25.00 is the first step to enrollment.
Some of you sent $25.00 and a note, and your BC info., with your application package for your Tribal BC.. This is wrong you are not even a member until you receive your card/s.
If and when you receive your cards, then you want your Tribal BC then that is a separate fee of $20.00 per person over 18. That may take as long as a year. Hopefully if we have learned anything it is that this was a massive undertaking and totally bogged the office down...Now I am trying to get things in order and will!
Applications pending: I have in the pending file these applications.
*Note these are not joining fees as we are not a club. These are app. processing fees.*
Treva Polley app. processing check for $25.00, a year old, note for BC's. You will need to send a check for the application processing fees. I will return your old check to you.
Lyndall Baker Jr. No processing fees check included, you need to send the $25.00 processing fees to continue.
Barbara Bowman application processing fee check for $25.00, you will need to send a new check as our bank will not accept checks over 6 months old. I will return your old check to you.
Lois Cline application processing fee check for $25.00, you will need to send a new check, and I will send your old check back to you.
Fletcher Freeman your check is still in date, but made out to S.B.T.I.T., you will need to send another check to the Southern Band Tuscarora.
Please make notation app. processing fee. Or processing fees.
We do not sell memberships or cards.
These are the only applications that will be processed until the BC's are done.

I do apologize for all the delays and confusions for this last year. Things have been so hectic and we moved not only our stuff but the whole office this year. And still have boxes to unload and get straight.

We will begin anew this year and get things in order. We have gone through a lot of changes during the winter months. Those of you that did not send in your BC money, either send it now, or your file will be put aside until the next batch gets ready and that will be over a year.


Bear Clanmother Marilyn M-Livingston

~~~~~~FEBRUARY 23, 2003~~~~~~

There really isn't a whole lot to update, but I'll put on what I have. First, Bear Clanmother Livingston has been very busy with the Human Relations Board in Bertie - I won't give any details, but I'm sure that she'll have an update for us in the near future - but it sounds as though she and the other members of the board are focused and this will bring about some positive programs especially for the youth.
There has also been some work on the Birth Certificates, but ths is time consuming and Clanmother Livingston has had numerous computer problems and there are some other things involving the Tribe that have needed immediate attention - but they are being worked on, and hopefully within the next couple weeks I'll be able to get down to help as well.

The office email addy is back to MSN, Earthlink's connection was just too sporadic so the office email addy, hopefully for a long time is sbtuscoffc@msn.com

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHIONA !!!!!! Bear Clanmother Livingston eldest daughter Shiona had her Sweet 16th birthday last week -I'm told there was to be a bowling party - know this was fun for all -

Happy Anniversary to Wolf Clan member Miranda Marshall and her hubby Mark - they celebrated their first anniversary on Valentine's Day.

As most of you are aware the entire east coast has had it's share of "liquid" weather, either in the form of rain, snow, sleet or just plain ice. I for one love the snow and was delighted with the storm we had over the Valentine weekend. It was so beautiful, even when it was sleeting or freezing rain the crystal winter beauty along with the white purity of snow was awesome to my eye. I haven't recieved any pictures from anyone so I've put one at the end of this update of the snow from my longhouse. I took the picture from my driveway facing southeast. And this is all I have for this update - keep in touch with your Clan Chiefs and Clanmothers, and please let me know if there is anything you would like posted here. ~~~nyeahweh~~~

******HELLO 2003******

Just a couple things for this update, our winter has been busy behind the scenes so Spring will start us all hopping... I hope that you have read the news on the Iroquois Confederacy on the main page.
We also have a new email addy for the office, MSN was just too graphic intensive for the computer, and already having had enough trouble with it, so Bear Clanmother Livingston has now changed internet providers for hopefully the last time for a long while. The new email addy to use is sbtuscoffc@earthlink.net.
Keep in touch with your Clanmothers and Clan Chiefs -

********LAST UPDATE FOR 2002********
As we enter the last week of 2002 I just wanted to add a couple notes - First: I hope that this winter season is enchanting and wonderful for all - we did get to see some snow here Christmas Eve, but at our house it was crystal ice on Christmas morning, beautiful in it's own right. The crisp air allows the incoming year to enter in purity and light and these things I wish for all of you.

**For those Deer Clan members who were unable to be reached by email - your individual portion of the monthly land payment will be $3.00 per member per month in addition to your monthly tax and, unless previously arranged to be paid to a different source, should be mailed directly to the Tribal Office. Nyeahweh **

J'wan all ---- Sorry we have been quiet of late, but we had a royal mess up with the computer! The computer store lost all my work for the last year, over 400 files, they assured me they would burn to a disk!..then fried my cpu..So we have been out of commission for over a week, and just got the thing back this evening...sigh.. Please contact everyone in your list that had any correspondances with me in the last year and forward our correspondances back to me so I can copy them to a cd to archive.. I am so tired of these educated idiots! That don't deserve the money they wasted in college..wordy dirds.. Anyway let me know how things are going. And if anyone sent any emails in the last week or so please resend them, I didn't get them.
Don't forget to stir the ashes from your firepits to remove any negativity from this past year to start a new year with positive energy!!
Take care --- Marilyn Dreamwalker Livingston****

It wasn't mentioned in my last update to the site: for those whose family members have sent in applications for Tribal Membership, these will be processed as soon as the rolls are re-opened, there is no time frame for this at the moment. The rolls were closed the first of last year in order to get all the genealogy information in the computer and the birth certificates finished - to date with the lack of help in getting this information in order this has yet to be completed. The funds that accompanied these applications have also not been processed, and there are some who did not include their processing fee with the application itself, this will be addressed when the time comes for them to be processed.


Our Eel Clan Chief Robert Armstrong spent some wonderful moments with the Hopi, Navajo and Yavapai dancers and drummers recently and sent a picture that says a thousand words. Nyeahweh for sharing this with the Tribe Clan Chief....

... Nyeahweh

NOVEMBER 23, 2002
This is the third time I've tried to update this page, so lets keep our fingers, toes and eyes crossed that I can manage it@!! ; )

First, Johnny Thunder Horse Rocca has donated two much needed traffic signals at school zones to the Kettle Point Chippewa Tribe in the name of the Southern Band Tuscarora Indian Tribe. Nyeahweh Thunderhorse for helping to keep the children safe.

Due to a mix-up, the digitization grant that we thought was going to be awarded to the Tribe will not be forthcoming. There was an appropriate apology for the mix-up and it is understandable, although a little disappointing as it would have helped with the expense of the office computer.

The first batch was completed, and the second nearly so when all the revisions from members came in. Some of these have been made, others have not as they all have to be verified before the corrections can be made. That process is not only time consuming but costly, necessary but costly. The Tribe at this point does not have the materials or funds needed to continue printing out the corrected birth certificates nor to finish the ones ready. There are many members behind in their taxes and land payments (the last two have had the difference made up by Head Sachem and Bear Clanmother Livingston which is unfair to them as they already shoulder the major responsibilities for office work, and grant submission with very little help. Parchment paper and other office supplies were promised but not delivered, add this to members who have yet to pay for their birth certificate processing fee and needless to say it will be a while. We are due a land payment right now and total funds are not yet available. There are several members that paid through September 2002, but have sent nothing since then - please get current with your taxes and land payments it is essential right now to finish out the year at least on a balance out status.

The CPA that got all our records up to date and the taxes due to state and federal agencies has been paid off - that is a plus right now!!!

Also, some other GOOD NEWS - Bertie County is setting up a Human Race Relationship Board and Bear Clanmother Livingston has been nominated to the Board - this is very good for the future of the Tribe and helps us continue such a positive relationship with not only Bertie County but Windsor - our homeland.

Other postive things:
Bear Clan member Russel Smith has contacted the office and a friend of his is building a stable in Lake Gaston and wants us to help put on a Rodeo to raise some funds for the Tribe - we'll be needing some help here so will keep you updated on this as I get the information.
Snipe Clan Chief Dunn is trying to set up a time to get to the trailer to do some work, should be very soon, if you are able to help please contact him at Michael Fool's Bear Dunn

The new office email address is still not in service, so for the time being please send corrospondance to the old one of sbtuscoffc@coastalnet.com or if for some reason it bounces back send to the alternate set up for this purpose of sbtuscarora@hotmail.com

There are new pictures of the Tribal land taken November 10, 2002, but until I can re-edit them for the slideshow on this page anyone intersted in the link can contact me at Earth Woman and I will send you the ofoto link with the album page. You will have to sign in (it's free) per their rules, but they are already up on that forum for now.

That is really all that I have for the moment - Oh wait, we do have a new infant, please forgive me Mike I can't remember her name and it's on email at work, but a new Grandbaby for Snipe Clan Chief Michael Fool's Bear Dunn and Daphne, a healthy baby girl. Hope to have a pic soon, but will add the vital info in the next day or two. - Nyeahweh

------------>NOVEMBER 15, 2002<----------

This is a quick update, just to give everyone the new office email addy, at the moment it still isn't in effect, but by next weekend it should be operational, Bear Clanhmother Livingston is just waiting for the disk to get it set up - she can't stay connected long enough to dowload the program to change servers. The new email addy for the office will be sbtuscoffc@msn.com. I'll let you know the day it becomes effective.

There will be some other updates in another day or so, just have to get it all in order after my visit to the Tribal Land over Veteran's Day Sunday and my conversations with both Head Sachem and Bear Clanmother Livingston.

Note from Deer/Wolf Clanmother -- I would like to take this opportunity to say Nyeahweh to all of you that have called or emailed expressing concern for my family's safety during the sniper shootings in and around the Washington DC area. As I think most of you are aware we live in Spotsylvania County, Va. where two of the shootings have been. The location of the first in our county I drive by daily on my way to work, the second that happened just yesterday October 11th is almost directly behind where Running Deer works - fortunately he was off and not in the area. We remain vigilant while out and about but there is an unease in the entire metropolitan area. Wolf Clan member Larry Parker also lives around the area where some of the Maryland incidences have taken place, although not out much due to his medical compromises, in this time frame it is a fortunate to stay close to home. CNN has given pretty accurate information and has stayed in the Montgomery County, Md. "base of operations" so to speak since these shootings began - so with that in mind you can keep abreast of what is happening currently through their broadcasts. Nyeahweh again for your calls, emails and prayers - Larry please stay safe and until this sniper is caught, if anyone reading this is traveling the I95 (or I66) corridors from say Baltimore (on the east) and Frederick County, Md (on the west) south to as far as Richmond, please go at least 1-2 miles off these interstates to purchase your fuel and meals...

Hugs to you all - Pam Earth Woman Miller Thomas

******OCTOBER 10, 2002******

There isn't much to update at this particular time, however it is past time to get some info here, so will give you what I have. Head Sachem and Bear Clanmother Livingston and family are finally officially in Hideaway Haven!!! I will have a new address and phone numbers to add here shortly - like as soon as I go back through emails and look them up..... The Tribe's Post Office address is still the same for the time being.

The Query Board that we had on the Surname page was pulled by the company that was hosting it, I believe they went out of business, so while I thought I had a new one up and running - Wolf Clanmember Larry Parker informs me that it is still absent, so will go back and try to get it back online ASAP - I did save all the queries that were posted, but will probably have to re=enter them to the new board one at a time, so please be patient and if you have a question about one of them, don't hesitate to contact Yours Truly and I will go through and send whatever info I have recieved for that particular query.

The Tribe did receive the grant from Bertie County as mentioned in an earlier update - however, it is not coming to us in one lump sum - it appears that it will be dispersed to the Tribe in 4 equal installments every quarter. That put our original plan of paying the taxes with some left over to start renovation of the trailer for our office into limbo. We are still fighting for a waiver of taxes, but that doesn't start until last year when we actually moved the trailer and could show some work on the land itself. To date we have received no other grants - but we still apply.

Since I have not heard from anyone with news they wanted to post I really don't have any news from clan members. We are coming into the season of ice, snow and all the other beautiful wonders of winter, but that also means that we don't gather until Spring, so please keep in touch, send your news in - that's how we can "be" with one another through this time, the traditional time of keeping together, storytelling around the fire and bundling up to enjoy the wonders close to home.

That's all I have for now - will get the new phone number and address for Head Sachem and his family up before the weekend is out - providing no major crisis developes

>>>------JULY 6, 2002------>

This year's Strawberry Festival held some real disappointment for those who have worked so hard presently and in the past to keep what is TRADITIONALLY what we are all about. There was a dismal 10 members who showed up to meet, feast and enjoy each other's company for this, the year's first, Mandatory meeting. There were enough Grand Council members present however to have a meeting and set down further guidelines to keep the Tribe progressing. They are as follows:

1. Tribal meetings will no longer be held at Head Sachem and Bear Clanmother Livingston's home. It takes time, energy and personal funds to host these Festivals, with so few of us working so hard and sharing the load. And this one came in the midst of the family's moving, so their rest time was at a bare minimum in order for things to be as is usual for a Festival,and with such a poor turnout.
From here on out, the Festivals and Meetings will be held on the Tribal Land, and at the moment there is a tremendous amount of work that needs to be done in order to accomplish that - if it takes the 10 of us who are always there to meet in order to satisfy the requirements for grant applications etc, then we will continue to do that, but while we may be there we will not be hosting, (ie: setting up for the Festival) that will need to be spread amongst all the members who will be attending. There is no date set for the next Festival.

2. Head Sachem Livingston brought to the Council's attention that there are way too many members who are 6 months or more behind on their Tribal Taxes - these funds are needed in order for the Tribe to make any progress. If you want to remain a member of the Tribe these need to be brought current ASAP. There will be no more warnings on this, please consider this final notice.

3. Bear Clanmother Livingston (as Volunteer Office Mgr) requests that if you email from the website to please cc: to the Tribal Office email address - she may not necessarily need to answer these emails, but many contain information that should be archived for future reference, especially genealogy questions and references.

~~~~Other Items Discussed~~~~

1. When Bear Clanmother Livingston announced that the birth certificates were ready, just needed information verification before the next step - she was FLOODED with different information than was given originally - this has created such a backlog and all those that sent in changes now have to not only have the changes made on their own birth certificates, but also check to see which other family members may have to have changes made as well. Clanmother Livingston has to pay her bills too, so Please be patient, she receives no compensation for the time she devotes to maintaining the Tribal Records and office, reimbursement for materials and supplies, but no compensation for her time. And as a note, there are many who have as yet to pay for the birth certificates they requested. $25.00 each to cover the expenses incurred strictly by the legal process.

2. GOOD NEWS~~~~ Nyeahweh to all those who sent in letters and protested the Super Hornet Site!!!!! With Bertie County's help as well the site will now be established at Cherry Point Air Station, Havelock, NC. Craven County!!!!!!! So while the planes may still fly overhead, they won't be landing in Bertie. The Call To Arms page on the website will be added to the Longhouse Announcements archive page as a link in order to preserve all the info and maps that were included with the information and plea for help on the site.

3. MORE GOOD NEWS~~~~ We have received a Grant from Bertie County, in the amount of $1,000.00 per year for five years. This will pay the taxes on the Tribal Land, with some left over for renovations, until our appeals process and tax-exempt status can be established. We don't know yet when this year's grant will be sent to the Tribal Office.

There will be no pictures from the Strawberry Festival itself, I will update a couple from the Tribal Land, Deer Clan Chief and I spent Saturday night on the land before the festival on Sunday. It's wonderful to be home - the feeling cannot be described, but it is healing to walk the land our Ancestors walked and work it as our Ancestors did, brings a peace and wonderment that you'll all have to experience for yourselves..

~~~~~~~JUNE 18, 2002~~~~~~

The Strawberry Festival is fast approaching - it will be held at Head Sachem and Bear Clanmother's home in Winton - same place, if you need directions please email the sbtuscarora@ hotmail.com account and we'll get them to you.
Don't forget to bring a covered dish, and a dessert that features strawberries.. I apologize for the lateness in letting everyone know where the festival would be held, I misunderstood Bear Clanmother's email on this and just re-read it today :( and realized that it was intended to be held at the same location as usual. Hopefully later in the year we can have our festivals on the reservation.

That's all the news that I have, everything else that is afoot will be discussed at the festival in the general meeting.... See you there!

******May 27, 2002******

As you can see, the farmer who we gave our allotments to is keeping the land cleared as bargained. Little Willow and I were there yesterday to plant an herb garden, it isn't as large as I was hoping to plant, but it takes time even though the ground was plowed to get it ready and planted. There is no water out there, so we ended up going back toward town to get some more, and we left hoping that we had given them a good enough soaking until the rain gets there on Tuesday. The other two pictures that are posted are of the herb garden itself and of Little Willow watering the lavender and forget me not that we planted over in the burial ground. It was hot and very dusty, but it felt good to be working on "our land" for our future.

I would like to ask that you all keep one of our Wolf Clan members, Zona Rogers, in your prayers, she has been in the hospital a couple times a month while they wean her off a blood pressure medication that has caused her some real problems.... Deer Clan Chief Emory Running Deer Thomas has had another colonoscopy and it looks good - nyeahweh to all who have kept him in their hearts and prayers.... Please continue to keep Mama Cotton and Donna Readinger in your prayers also.

I would like to thank those who have already sent their "test" email to the Sbtuscarora address, and also to those Deer and Wolf Clan members who have sent their addresses to me to re-set up my clan addresses, for those of you who haven't sent your emails, please do so as soon as you can so that these can be completed. Head Sachem and Bear Clanmother Livingston are still having problems with their server, so it's very important to have all the email addies possible backed up in another area so that when necessary everyone with email addresses can be contacted at one time.

That's about all the news that I've received at this time - continue to send me what you have going on either now or in the future so that the Tribe can stay informed and emotionally supportive as need be.

-------->MAY 13, 2002<-------

I hope that all of our Mothers had a wonderful Mother's Day with their families and/or other special people in their lives.... We had a beautiful day, blue skies and hamburgers on the grill - who could ask for more, I loved it.

There really isn't much new to post at this time, however I would like to ask the Deer and Wolf Clan members to please send an email to me so that I can reset up my address book in my webmail program. When they upgraded it a few weeks ago that feature did not get back into the system, as they warned it might not, it is definately easier for me to save the addresses from emails you send than to re-input them all one at a time. As soon as I have all of them back in place I'll send out the monthly keeping in touch email. Nyeahweh for taking the time to send me an email. A couple I do have, but need to set up the clans individually.

As always, I'm looking for news from members to post. My Mother is now out of danger for the time being, and Emory Running Deer is doing better, still has weak days, but definately making improvement. So Nyeahweh to all who have kept them in their hearts and prayers during this time of their need.

~~~~~APRIL 28, 2002~~~~~

Bear Clanmother Livingston is having some real difficulties with her web server and is sometimes not able to connect or stay connected, so I would like to ask that ALL members with email addresses please "Roll Call" to Tribe's Webmail so that all current email addresses may be saved in the event that her server does go down and there is a need for getting information to all of you in a timely manner.

Striking Wolf has gotten 2 new windows and a new sink for the office, if you have been able to obtain any donations or gift certificates for our project, please email him at Striking Wolf and let him know. We have a long weekend coming up the end of May, it would be so nice if we could get enough to start getting the office functional, safe and secure so that other plans can start going forth.

Bear Clanmother Livingston has also been able to start back on finishing up the first batch of Birth Certificates that are in the process of being rechecked and information verified as necessary. However, she still has no help, so this is a time consuming and very important part of the process before they can go to be notorized and then on the the court.

I haven't heard from many of you, so have no news to post from any of the clans - please take the time to keep the Tribe informed of the news in your lives - we are family and should share in the joys as well as the sorrows.

******APRIL 2, 2002******

This year's first festival, Honoring our Ancestors, was a fairly quiet one, those in attendance were Head Sachem and Bear Clanmother Livingston & family, Deer Clan Chief Emory Thomas and Wolf/Deer Clanmother Pam Thomas and their daughter, Stephanie Dean, Michael Dunn and Tim Lowrie.
Even though small, the children were still having fun with the Easter Egg Hunt and played themselves way tired.... The adults enjoyed getting together again after a long winter for all of us, it was nice to be at home with family. we had a nice meal and plenty of talking and laughing. This is always a very special Festival for me -

For some news - first - Brent Mitchell has resigned as Snipe Clan chief - Michael Fool's Bear Dunn is the new Snipe Clan Chief and Stephanie Dean is now the Mud Turtle Clan's Jr. Clanmother, congratulations Stephanie and Michael.
Head Sachem Livingston also informed us that he has entered another appeal on the waiver of taxes for the Tribe's village land of Tandequamic. Bertie County was very fair with us, but since there has been no progress on the rebuilding of office and museum, they were unable to help us with the waiver.

So that now brings us to another crux, we NEED to get the trailer usable in order to apply for any grants other than for building purposes, and those we've already submitted. We are going to need supplies, or donation vouchers in order to get the materials to make it happen. We do already have some of our own that are willing to donate their time in order to get the manuel labor part done, and this is in part a rebuilding effort, so please, see what you can do to help us out. There are so few of us here that give of our time, energy and love for the Tribe, we're not looking for any personal gain, we're trying to get the Tribe back on it's feet, get our schoolchildren back into the museum to learn the truth about our people, to be able to get further grants in order to make the living village a REALITY - we have the plans, we need the Tribe's help.

~~Keep these in your hearts and prayers please~~
Eel Clan Chief Robert Richard Armstrong has just returned home from the hospital - prayers for your continued recovery Eel Clan Chief.
Clanmother Thomas' mother has been fighting pneumonia and other infections, she has been an invalid for very many years, we leave this in Creator's hands now.

Other than that, not much news for right now - will add as I remember, or find the paper I wrote these things on :) Next Festival will probably be Memorial weekend Sunday, but will verify that as soon as I can, and the first mandatory Festival is the last weekend in June, the Strawberry Festival.

Stay in touch with your Clanmothers and Clan Chiefs, they can keep you up to date on things that may not be posted here, find out from them what you may do to contribute to your Tribe, it's difficult for just a few to do the work for many. In some cases there may be nothing you can do from afar, a lot of office work, applying for grants etc must be done within a realistic distance from the office where it is now, or done in a manner that can be quickly completed and returned if necessary.

Make sure that your taxes and land payments are sent in regularly, it is important that the funds be consistent in order that things that need to be done can be done without the undue delay we've experienced in recent years. And for those of you who make sure your payments are made in a timely manner, Nyeahweh....

As was stated in the last Newsletter, the Birth Certificate process has been delayed slightly, however, the first batch is nearly complete, and I believe all were informed that their fee of $25.00 for each certificate was due by the end of this month. This fee is necessary as each one must be notorized before going to the court to become legal documents, incurring costs that the Tribe cannot afford to take on.

Our next Festival will be the end of March, the Honoring of our Ancestors. Hopefully this will be able to be held on our own Reservation land, for those who have been there, it's "home", you know you're "home" when your feet touch ground if your heart hasn't told you as you approach.

~~~~~~MARCH 10, 2002~~~~~~

Our first Festival of this year is EASTER Sunday, still to be held at Chief and Bear Clanmother Livingston's home in Winton. This is the Festival that we honor our Ancestors - so please bring your dish and dessert as usual, we'll all catch up on the news we haven't shared over the winter and get some things discussed to accomplish through the rest of this year. We'll see you there - 1:00pm....

The Longhouse Announcements Archive page is now up - I have posted what I have been able to retrieve from past Longhouse updates, but since I lost the entire site last fall, I'm missing about a couple years right now, however, I may still have them on disk and if and when I find them they will be added to the page....

Proud Mom would like to announce the marriage of her daughter, Wolf clan member Miranda Bost to Mark Marshall on February 14, 2002!!

******February 8, 2002******

The office has been having trouble keeping their internet connection for any length of time, until the end of the month, if members have emails that they would like passed on to the office daily click HERE. I have set up an entirely different account for Tribe Members only for now. If you would like to snail mail, send to the normal Southern Band Tuscarora post office address, info located on the main page of this site. Nyeahweh

The deadline was today to send in your letters for protest on the Superhornet Airstrip site, I hope all of you sent in your letter in our effort to protect our reservation land and our Ancestor's burial sites. To keep updated visit the Call To Arms site and go to the Bertie County link found there. Nyeahweh to all who have helped to the best of their capacity, this was another time of pulling together and putting forth effort to save what we have worked hard to get and keep.

There will be an appeals meeting next week to settle our tax exempt status for 2000 and 2001. We were unable to make any improvements to the land these two years, since Floyd wiped us out, but have a start on this year - so lets all keep good positive thoughts that this appeal will grant us tax-exempt status so that the funds we have been building so slowly can continue to go for improvements and the fulfillment of the Tribe's overall plan for the Rez... :-)

I am going to archive the Longhouse Announcements contents every three months, this page gets way too long if I don't, so look for the link for that to appear in April at the opening of this page.

~~~~~January 11, 2002~~~~~

Nyeahweh Michael, I received the photo of Carson Smith in today's snail mail. So here he is, in Traditional Iroquois Cradle Board.....

Carson Smith - son of Amanda Dunn Smith and Spenser Carlos Smith - proud grandparents being Michael Fool's Bear Dunn -Snipe Clan Chief and Turtle Clan member Daphne (Cumbo) Johnson Dunn. For those of you that were in attendance at our Ripening Corn Festival, you will remember that Mike was trying to call home the entire day awaiting the news of Carson's birth, and he was born that evening - Congratulations to all for another bundle of joy. We can't hardly wait to hold him ourselves....

~~~~~~~January 3, 2002~~~~~~

First our official Tribal Flag will be in a book being published now, for details contact Wolf/Deer Clanmother And we are the ONLY Tuscarora in the book.....:) They can send you a link or details..... Our Flag will represent ALL Tuscarora, no matter where they are...hehehe....

Everyone send some prayers to Bear Clan member Donna Readinger she just had emergency triple bypasss surgery right before X-mas, and they found a 10cm abdominal anyerisum, she is tough and made it through on a 5% chance!! So light a candle for her, say prayer and send her and Ray your warm healing thoughts!!!! Hopefully they will come home in the spring, or summer....I miss them....:) ... Donna had been helping her sister Evelyn out with her brother-in-law, his health hasn't been good... and she didn't realize she was in dire straits herself....You had better start taking care of yourself too cous....Luv Ya...

Anyway we got $767.00 from the farmer (Bass) that used our land allotments, and another $271.00 tobacco allotment from the state, that is in addition to the other $181.00 for tobacco. Plus Chief called the other farmer that wants to use our allotments this year, today and told him he had better get back out there and fullfill his part of the deal and clear our land like he promised or he would not sign it over in Jan. for him to use this year....

And our members have forgotten the Tribe still needs those taxes to keep us running... We need the funds to pay the land loan off...And the coffers are bare....Many, way too many are at least 6 months behind... and we really don't want to have to start going through all the mess of dissenrolling people again, now that we have finally started getting somewhere. Every time we have to start the process it takes away from the work we need to be doing. If you want to stay a member get it together...Your Tribe cannot run by itself! And you know if you paid for a year in 2000 in March or May then you know full well you are late by 9-10 months.....And by the time you come due this year your cards will be revoked and you will be disenrolled...so don't wait for a notice...you'll get a letter demanding your card and your childrens cards back, and that's it.... We will carry on even if there's only 30 of us... If we can work full time 24/7 for free, the least every body else can do is financially support the Tribe...That is not asking for too much from everyone...and $10.00 a month is not going to bankrupt any of you!!!! Now I gotta go and get to work on this grant from Weyerhauser Co. And I'm supposed to be off until the 15th.....right....See how it goes....

Take care we are bracing for a winter storm, and I may loose my connection for awhile, but if I do I will call the Deer Clan Chief and Clanmother so email them if I can't get out....

Love you all

Take care and remember a family works together and overcomes many obstacles....together we can bring down mountains...alone we cannot...We can be spectacular this year...but only if we all work together for the good of the whole...

Bear Clanmother Marilyn

~~~~~DECEMBER 29, 2001~~~~~

Bear Clanmother and Office Manager Marilyn Livingston will be out of town until January 15, 2002. She and her family are on their annual winter vacation... Any correspondance to the office will not be addressed until she returns. Hope all of you are enjoying your family time as well.


I would like to announce the engagement of Wolf Clan Member (and my daughter) Miranda Bost to Mark Marshall.... This was a happy Christmas Eve surprise and Mom approves very much. These two live in Dublin Texas, out in the boonies, but very beautiful boonies. Please join me in wishing them both well.

I would also like to ask at this time if you would keep the Deer Clan Chief, Emory Running Deer, in your thoughts and prayers. He is on a two week hiatus from chemo-therapy after colon cancer surgery in October. He is trying to keep up the spirit, but there are times that he struggles. The Deer Clan Members and others who have known from day one have been very supportive and full of prayers for his full recovery - Nyeahweh to all of you more than I can say.

This is all the new news that I have to share, it's up to you now - oh and Michael Fool's Bear - still waiting for that picture of our youngest member :-)

This is the new office - or at least the beginnings of our new office, museum and Longhouse. It took a lot of work and finageling to get it on the Rez, by a very few people.... Thank you to Randy, his father in law, Head Sachem Livingston, Bear Clanmother Marilyn Livingston, Shiona and Briana Livingston, and yours truly did some too!! I would like to extend a thank you also to the company who transported it and tied it down for us, they also made sure we secured that gaping hole as best as was possible with what we had at hand.....

Striking Wolf, David Miller will head up the construction team in order to get the office usable. At this time Michael Fool's Bear Dunn and Randy have offered their time and efforts, if you have some time to spare and would like to be involved in this project please contact David at the email address given below, your help will be greatly appreciated, and is sorely needed.

At this point with little real news, I will wish that all have enjoyed our Snow Moon season and are ready for the New Year ahead. We have been gifted with some real progress this year, and have high hopes for much more in the year ahead.

This is the new office - or at least the beginnings of our new office, museum and Longhouse. It took a lot of work and finageling to get it on the Rez, by a very few people.... Thank you to Randy, his father in law, Head Sachem Livingston, Bear Clanmother Marilyn Livingston, Shiona and Briana Livingston, and yours truly did some too!! I would like to extend a thank you also to the company who transported it and tied it down for us, they also made sure we secured that gaping hole as best as was possible with what we had at hand.....

Striking Wolf, David Miller will head up the construction team in order to get the office usable. At this time Michael Fool's Bear Dunn and Randy have offered their time and efforts, if you have some time to spare and would like to be involved in this project please contact David at the email address given below, your help will be greatly appreciated, and is sorely needed.

At this point with little real news, I will wish that all have enjoyed our Snow Moon season and are ready for the New Year ahead. We have been gifted with some real progress this year, and have high hopes for much more in the year ahead.

Stay in touch with your Clanmothers and Clan Chiefs, they can keep you up to date on things that may not be posted here, find out from them what you may do to contribute to your Tribe, it's difficult for just a few to do the work for many. In some cases there may be nothing you can do from afar, a lot of office work, applying for grants etc must be done within a realistic distance from the office where it is now, or done in a manner that can be quickly completed and returned if necessary.

Make sure that your taxes and land payments are sent in regularly, it is important that the funds be consistent in order that things that need to be done can be done without the undue delay we've experienced in recent years. And for those of you who make sure your payments are made in a timely manner, Nyeahweh....

As was stated in the last Newsletter, the Birth Certificate process has been delayed slightly, however, the first batch is nearly complete, and I believe all were informed that their fee of $25.00 for each certificate was due by the end of this month. This fee is necessary as each one must be notorized before going to the court to become legal documents, incurring costs that the Tribe cannot afford to take on.

Our next Festival will be the end of March, the Honoring of our Ancestors. Hopefully this will be able to be held on our own Reservation land, for those who have been there, it's "home", you know you're "home" when your feet touch ground if your heart hasn't told you as you approach.

A view of the old house on the Reservation at sunset.... This was taken the day the office was transported - November 26, 2001.


Due to the devastation caused by Hurricane Floyd, we will not be having our Art Extravaganza on November 19th & 20th as planned. Even if there was time to find a new location to hold this gathering, there is so much that needs to be done to help not only our Tribe but the people of Windsor, we feel that our energies should be focused in the total rebuilding process.


If you have not already been notified by the Tribal Office, you will be within the next few days. We deeply appreciate your support, and wanted to ensure that you have the opportunity to attend a gathering in another area if you so desire. We will be sure to let you know when we will be able to have our Art Extravaganza, so that we may meet up with you again. Nyeahweh


All of you are aware that we gathered this past weekend to help unload and distribute supplies donated to the Tribe, while I was unable to help with the unloading, ran into a little detour that was unmarked, I was there for the rest of the day. It was a good time for all of us to gather. After unloading we headed to Windsor as a group to see the devastation there. There really aren't words to describe what we saw, and smelled. The truck for the people of Windsor that we were going to help unload never arrived at the meeting point, so we couldn't help there, but we were there if they had needed us.

There is no way we could go back into the office as it is now, and the town doesn't seem to be planning to make it entirely safe, so we will be building in another area....Out of the flood zone!!!!

Our October Festival is planned for Halloween, and we discussed some really fun things to do. If there isn't a newsletter due to come out before then, I'll get some of the details up here for all of you.

As noted on the main page, our office has been relocated back to Chief and Marilyn Livingston's home. But the office address is:

P,O, Box 14

Winton, NC 27986

You can still email the office at: sbtuscoffc@coastalnet.com


So far I've only scanned four of the pictures that Chief Livingston and Marilyn took on their adventure to and from the old office from their home to recover what was salvaged. I'll add more as I get them scanned and ready. They're larger than I would prefer, but that seems to be the only way to get the idea of just how much water was there.....

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