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***NOTICE ~ JANUARY 23, 2009***
A New Year is now upon us, the season of popping trees (if you're in the colder regions), and time to get things in gear, at least as far as our family keeping in touch. Please, if you have news to share, send it to me at the email link for webmistress with SBT News in the subject line. There are times Clanmother Marilyn is just too busy to pass everything along to me, so please cc your 'news' emails to me also in order I may keep our family up to date... Nyeahweh*

I know some of you have made the journey 'home', please share any pictures you may have taken while on our homeland or in the area.

Little Willow and I made the journey by train to New York City for New Year's Eve.... It was so brutally cold, but soooo much fun. By Creator's hand we actually made it into Time Square to celebrate the beginning of 2009. I'm here to tell you, it was the third coldest New Year's Eve in the city on record, and by the time we made our way to a little bar a couple blocks south I couldn't feel my hands anymore. But, I would do it again in a New York minute!!

OCTOBER 2nd, 2005

On October 1, 2004, Bear Clanmother Livingston, Deer/Wolf Clanmother Miller Thomas, Wolf Clan Chief Miller and Shiona and Briana Livingstons went out to the reservation.... After honoring Fallling Tree Paul Canipe, it was decided that it was past time for the trailer to go.... So while Clan Chief Miller started the clearing of underbrush around MoonWomans childhood home, the two Clanmothers and girls set fire to the trailer... It was a magnificent and healing fire....the farmer's crops remained unscorched by any of the flames and as you can see the trailer is no more......

In this photo above, you can see the underbrush afire from Clan Chief Miller's efforts meeting the smoke from the trailer fire..... There will be more news coming soon....

~~~~~~~~> JUNE 4TH 2005 <~~~~~~~~
It is now mid year, almost Strawberry Festival time, and the end of Spring. By now all of you that we have current addresses for have received a newsletter. There have been some changes and more will be forthcoming as Clanmothers and Clan Grandmothers start meeting again, as has been the tradition, before the Grand Council, which will then start meeting again. It is time to bring the Tribe together and start moving forward once more.

Clanmother Marilyn received a very interesting visit from Steve and Debra Van Vorce... Clanmother Marilyn has sent the following message on their mission of apology and acceptance, and I will be adding their website link to our Links page in the near future. It is heartwarming to receive visits and kind and understanding words as this couple imparted, and we are grateful for their recognition of not only our spirituality, but our pain and suffering. Nyeahweh to Steve and Debra for their good hearts.
The message:
Hi, Today I received a call and got a visit from Steve and Debra Van Vorce. Steve and Debra Van Vorce
Here is the message he has spread from Nation to Nation:
Hello my name is Steve, I come to you in the name of Jesus the son of God, who came to earth for the purpose of relationship with those whom he created. Jesus has sent me and I come to you as a servant with a broken and sorrowful heart. Jesus and I would like to apologize and ask your forgiveness for the many atrocities done by those who came before in the name if Jesus, who call themselves Christians. They abused, they lied, they were thieves, and they murdered in the name of Jesus. They brought shame upon an honorable people. They broke your hearts, and tried to break your wills. I am here today to tell you that "the Jesus" that these people brought to you was a false Jesus. The Real Jesus would not do these things to you or anybody. The Real Jesus is filled with real love, which is a love that lays down it's life for another. The Real Jesus does not deceive, lie, steal or murder. The Real Jesus has respect for the customs and traditions of all peoples. The Real Jesus gives us hope, He does not destroy dreams and take a peoples dignity from them. Jesus has sent me to ask for your forgiveness for those people who dishonored the name and reputation of Jesus, the Son of God who is and is to come. He came from Father God to save that which is lost. It is in my hearts desire and the Heart of the Fathers that a new relationship and beginning be established. A relationship which is built upon love, and a hope for healing, a respect for cultures, and friendship. Thank you for allowing me to share this moment with you.
The paper he left with us goes on to quote Isaiah 61, and ends with MAY GOD BLESS THE FIRST NATION PEOPLES OF AMERICA ::end
Now many of us are not Christian, we study the Longhouse religious traditions, if you are "Christian" it is your path and your decision, and to each, his/her own. I am only in hopes that more "christians" realize the message this man brought. Since I am not Christian please don't start spouting biblical verses at me, I don't hear you.
My children and I took them out to the Tribal land where they took some photos, where I was dearly embarrassed at the site of our skeletal hull of a trailer that was to have been our Tribal office. Our sign is down somewhere among the overgrowth in front of the trailer. Then we led them back to Hwy 17 where they were heading out to the coast. ~~~End of Message from Bearclanmother Marilyn

I don't have much to add to this update, except, please note the new office email address on the Main Page, the old email address will probably not work for much longer and quite a few emails were lost, purged, we can only assume by MSN, and then others were lost when the computer glitched the last time.

~~~~~>>WELCOME 2005 <<~~~~~
We have now entered a brand new year....And there will be some major changes.....it is past time for us to get things together and move forward. By the time this has been posted each of you with current and working email addresses on file with the Tribal Office will have been notified of the most immediate changes to be taking place. Those who have only regular mail addresses available will receive their notifications through that medium.
Head Sachem and Bear Clanmother Livingston have gone to great effort to ensure that the information we have currently on file is correct, any discrepencies and/or information needed to bring your status current will need to be directed ASAP to the Tribal Office email address. There will be a newsletter forthcoming.
As we start this new year, we have many goals for the Tribe, some will take longer than others, but with some effort and gathering together we can get them done, start growing again and enjoy being a family together.....
As always, any news or information that you would like to share, please send it to me and it will be posted for all of us to share......Nyeahweh

A view of the old house on the Reservation at sunset.... This was taken the day the office was transported - November 26, 2001.

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