Tuscarora Flag

Our Peoples once inhabited all the lands from near the Virginia Border almost to South Carolina, from North to South, and from the Piedmont to the Coastal Plains from East to West. This included most of North Carolina.

We had villages on every tributary and waterway criss-crossing North Carolina. We traded with other tribes.

Some or our people were known as the Skahrooreaga - hemp gatherers, kgahtenoowahgah - people of the pines, and agawahntehgah - people of the water, I know the spelling may be wrong, but we are still retrieving lost knowledge. We wear the Gustoweh, not a South Western head Bonnet or (war bonnet) as they are called. Our villages or clans went of their matrilineal (mothers) line. We still honor our Clan Mothers even though we know we will not be able to go back to the old ways, we still remember, (the blood always remembers).

We are of the Bear Clan. Our Seal acknowledges the Skahrooreaga - hemp gatherers, in the West, Kgahtenoowahgah - people of the pines, in the South the agawahntehgah - -people of the water, in the East. The Gustoweh is in the North. The fire of our Nation burns in the center of the Longhouse, we come in the Eastern Door, and Honor the Moon, Sun and Stars. WE ARE TRADITIONALISTS.

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