Death Songs

Death Songs are "given" for those who have or are about to start their journey along the StarPath -

They honor the life, words set down usually in grief, but also in joy for this is how it is. There isn't usually any fear of "death", for it is not an ending, but another beginning for the spirit........The Circle of Life continues.

Although I knew you for too short of time,

I still feel as if you were a father of mine.

A mountain of a man, fierce and proud,

A man who stood above others in a crowd.

Full of passion for his convictions,

Maintaining our culture, and our Nation.

Yet gentle in all your strength,

You would always go the mile, or any length.

A natural born leader of men,

Whether it was family, or kin.

When this Nation called, you heeded their call,

Yet on the battlefield you did not fall.

When your people needed a strong leader,

None could have chosen any greater.

Although you were a wounded bear, suffering great misery,

And I watched you, my heart full, my eyes teary.

Even still you were the Chief of Chief's,

A father who held on to his beliefs.

I am proud to have known you for such a short while,

I will fondly remember you with a smile.

So rest now "Popa" Jack, it's your due,

And in the afterlife we will see you, healthy and new...

How do I say good-bye to you my friend,

We laughed, gossiped, and talked to no end.

Through your eyes I too lived your life,

Shared your joys, sorrows, happiness, and yes even strife.

Your memories will live on in my heart,

Your hopes & dreams, your life from the start.

The truths we shared, secrets revealed,

The way your fiere & vinegar spirit made others reel.

You made me laugh even through our pain,

I thank you for the lessons your presence did bring.

You tuaght me how to endure,

How to live life simple and pure.

How to make the most of the hand you were dealt,

To be who you were, nomatter how others felt.

Nyeahweh (Thank you) my friend,

We walked together until the bitter end.

Fly now Moonwamn, fly like the butterfly,

Soar high, higher into the sky.

We will see each other again,

Thank you for just being my friend...

Marilyn Dreamwalker Mejorado-Livingston

Oh Grandma, mother of my heart, I Love you,

You were there to help me learn to tie my shoes.

You taught me to live the right way,

How to balance my life with work and play.

You were my rock in the storms fury,

My lifeline when I was adrift and weary.

You taught me right from wrong,

How to dance and sing my songs.

You gave me sanctuary from this world's madness,

Whenever I came to your cozy little house.

You showed me how to have dignity and pride,

And that there was no reason to fear life's tides.

When the winds would howl, and the rain would fall,

I was always safe and secure within your walls.

Yes, Gradma, you were my hero,

I hope I always let my love for you show.

You are still my hero..

But Grandma, who's going to make me vegetable soup when there's snow and ice outside?

Who's going to tell me the stories of our past like you did, while I set by your side?

I'm not ready to let you fly free, please stay a little here with me.

You'll always be my hero, thank you for my sanity,

Thank you for the truth, for your love, and thank you for your patience with me.

Forever yours, Marilyn aka Janey Mae.

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Mama, you had few years to teach me all you wanted me to know

So few years before your spirit had to go

But every word has been in my soul-there when I needed it and

even when I didn’t think I did.

"Being fair, being open, all things have a spirit - love them"

"Respect my Elders, be polite, do the very best you can - you may not

always succeed, but it won’t be for lack of effort and care"

"Love the children, teach them well - Alcohol is no escape -

Drugs will bring you misery - Learn to forgive, not Hate."

All the years you’ve been between, you’ve still watched over me

Guided me through others when your spirit I didn’t see.

Mama, I’ve missed you so all these years, your gentle touch and kiss

Heart aching for the way you’ve had to live.

I don’t know what the lesson is, when it’s time to understand it I’ll know

And even as I weep, my heart rejoices you can go.

Grandma has come to help you as you start your Star Path walk

Mama, my prayers will follow you - the love and light that surrounds you -

You leave some with me as you journey.

No longer will you suffer, no longer be in pain - you’ll walk the fields

of butterflies and I’ll hear you laugh again.

Goodbye Mama from this realm, know our love for you unending,

We weep for joy as you embark upon a new beginning.

Forever - your daughter Pamela - Earth Woman, your son David Striking Wolf

Emory - Running Deer, Miranda, Roy Daniel and Rhiannon - Little Willow

Spring has sprung in all its splendor and glory,

The sweet perfumed air tells natures story.

New life begins it's long journey,

The hot days of summer are as the heat of youth,

But the sultry days of summer are gone too,

Yet the rivers and oceans still sing their songs.

Fall has fallen in a blaze of color,

This season makes the others somehow duller.

As life in full swing, full of vim and vigor...

Too soon winters whisper is upon us,

All of nature takes its sleep.

The soft whisper of wind rustles the leaves,

A time of renewal for all of us,

A time to release the Spirit to begin its new quest...